Our Story

3:16 Church is a local church making a state wide, national, and global, impact.

2008: 3:16 Church is planted as a multi site location of Northridge Church of Marshfield Wisconsin.

2010:  North Ridge Church of Abbotsford (NRC) officially becomes its own sovereign church. Pastor Will & Jenn Krebs lead & love the congregation in the first years of the new church, relocating the church from Colby High School  to its current location at 122 N. 2nd street.

2012: Church plant #1  River of Hope Church in Medford Wisconsin is restarted.

2013: Church plant #2 Iglesia El Cordero De Dios, is planted in in Dorchester  Wisconsin.

2019: Pastor Will & Jenn Krebs are led into Chaplaincy Ministry.

2020: Pastor Joe & Dorothy Bridger come to NRC to continue the work.

2021: Church plant #3 3:16 Church invests in “The Gathering Place,” a Native American church plant in the Milwaukee Metro area.

2022:  On September 11th 2022 NRC votes to change its name from Northridge Church of Abbotsford to 3:16 Church.

2023:  Church plant #4  Celebracion’ Vida Cristiana a hispanic church in Abbotsford is planted.

2023: 3:16 Church begins offering state certified faith based counseling to the community through Redemption Song Counseling LLC. These therapeutic counseling sessions are conducted through educated state certified counselors.


We believe the best is yet to come!