A living testimony

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What to do after the resurrection?


It’s the week after Easter….what do you do now?


You prayed with the Pastor,  you went to church,  you told others you believe in Jesus. But now it’s the weekday and you are confronted with coworkers, deadlines, details, and your own sin. Was it all real? Did you really say those things? Pray those thing? Do those things? Maybe…I should just go back to “normal.”


No friend. No you don’t.


You may begin to notice that many are becoming open to anyone offering any kind of hope. You didn’t notice before, but you do now. That is evidence of a change in your life. It was not much different in Jesus’ day or the days following his death, burial and resurrection. People felt oppressed, over governed, controlled, and exhausted.  You now have hope to give, so give it!

Have you noticed?


Jesus ascended then gave the Disciples a task to accomplish. Go ye into all the world and preach the good news. Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Have you completed the tasks that God has  given you? Some may be called to step into baptism, some may be called to teach, some may be called to tell.


When we obey God people will be move with wonder.  Just like in Jesus’ day people will be moved by the change of your life and be in wonder of what God has done.


Do you have a special gift to give? Yes you do. We all do. We all have been given the power to speak and share and love differently than we did before celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. We all have been given access to people’s lives. But now you have access with empowerment.


Do you put learning into practice? What did you learn on Easter that you can put into practice this week, this month, and this year?


Who must need to hear?

Who is burning on your heart to tell the truth of the gospel to? Who’s time is short? You might not get another chance with certain people.  Who do you know needs hope as soon as possible? Who must you run to so you might share the good news?


Return home: Some of us just need to return home. To our heavenly father. Return to church next week. Return to worship, praise, and receiving from God through the preaching and teaching of the word. For some that is your next step. To embrace the love of God next week and not make is a once every 6 months or once every year event.


Step into your living testimony today.


It’s the week after Easter after all. He is not here. He is risen. Now it’s your turn to share.